Baby Seat Laws in Victoria, Australia

Travelling with kids in Melbourne, Victoria

The biggest question in everyone’s mind while travelling in Victoria is about the laws relating to use of baby seats in taxis, Rideshare and chauffeur driven vehicles (VHA Town Cars).

Do you need a baby seat in hire cars or they are exempt from this law like the taxis? Here we discuss what is right and what are your obligations as a passenger while travelling with children in chauffeured cars in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

It’s always challenging to travel with young children in cars and when travelling in a hire car you are always concerned about the safety of your children while on board. A professional service will always supply baby seats but is it a legal requirement? 

Chauffeur Car and baby seat requirement in Melbourne

All chauffeur driven vehicles in Melbourne must have an appropriate child seat installed while transporting children up to the age of 7 years. A driver must keep safety of the children first and it is his responsibility to make sure children are wearing child restraints correctly.  
The age and size of children determine the appropriate baby seat that they are supposed to be placed in while on board a chauffeur driven vehicle. 
New born to 6 months of age – Children must travel in a rear facing baby seat or capsule. 
6 months to under 4 years of age – Children must travel in either a rear facing baby seat or a forward facing baby seat depending upon the size of the children. 
4 years to under 7 years of age – Children must travel in either a forward facing baby seat or a booster seat depending upon the size of the children. 

Travelling in Taxi with baby

Taxis in Victoria are exempted from this law and can carry out transfers with children without baby seats. Children must always seat in the back under an adult’s supervision.

Children under the age of 1 must be in an adult’s lap and over the age of 1 can sit in their own seat in the back seats. Passengers are welcome to bring their own baby seats and drivers must accomodate them. 

Travelling with Kid in a Rideshare

All other commercial passenger vehicles must carry baby seats which must be used to transport children under the age of 7 years of age. This includes VHA cars, limousines, private car services and rideshare services like Uber, Ola, DiDi etc.

Rideshare vehicles are not considered as taxis and are just like any other car. The driver of rideshare services must not carry out transfers without appropriate baby seat. As traveling in taxis, passengers can bring their own baby seats. 

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When booking your chauffeur service with Chauffeur Link Melbourne whether it for airport transfer or point to point transfer, please provide details of all children and we will organise the properly harnessed child restraint seats for your children.

You do not need to bring your own baby seats all the way to Melbourne if travelling from interstate or overseas as long as you make arrangements for the baby seats to be provided by the chauffeur service. 

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