10 top benefits of booking a chauffeur service in Melbourne

It’s always a challenge to figure out what is the best option when choosing ground transportation for travel in Melbourne. Every service whether it is rideshare, taxi, shuttle service try to sell you their service claiming to be clean, on time, reliable, cost effective but they fail to provide satisfactory service when it comes to customer convenience. 

Choosing a Chauffeur driven service for travel for airport transfers, hospital transfers is the perfect solution. Here we look at the top 10 benefits of hiring a Chauffeur service. 

#1 Following ultimate precaution measures during COVID-19

Providing peace of mind for the clients is a Chauffeur driven service company’s main priority. Many services adhere to as many additional safety precautions for their clients and for drivers own health safety.

A good Chauffeur driven service ensures that all the chauffeurs wear a mask while carrying out transfers and maintain safe distance when handling customer luggage. 

Use and provide alcohol based hand sanitizer, remove any in-ride newspapers or magazines that are left behind, greet clients with a slight bow instead of a handshake and disinfect the vehicles with Glen 20 or disinfecting spray after each ride.

#2 Carry out work according to Victorian Government Regulations

With unpredictable rise and fall in the number of cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, the state government in stage 4 has made mandatory changes to working conditions for chauffeur drivers. Our Melbourne Chauffeurs are still permitted to work during the curfew hours of 8pm – 5am, but during Stage 4 restrictions, all chauffeurs must create a permitted worker permit in order to be on the road in Stage 4 lockdown areas.

Drivers must carry an electronic or printed version of the permit with them at all times. To avoid inconvenience to the passengers, all professional drivers will carry a legitimate workers permit in accordance with the Victorian State regulations. 

#3 On time Service 

Getting picked up on time eases pressure and starts a stress-free journey when travelling to the airport. A professional chauffeur always arrives early for pick ups from home to the airport to make sure you arrive to the airport on time. It’s always relaxing to travel knowing you are going to be on time for your flight when you are picked up on time. 

Being on time also means not to be 20-30 minutes early as this can make the customers feel rushed. A professional chauffeur will always arrive 5 minutes early so the guest knows they are there and it eases any nerves. 

#4 Safety

Chauffeur driven cars are regularly serviced and maintained to make sure you have safe and comfortable journey. The chauffeurs are very experienced drivers who are expert in driving safely in different road and weather conditions. This gives you a sense of safety and security while travelling in one of the Chauffeur driven vehicles to and from the airport. 

#5 Friendly Service and Etiquette 

Professional Chauffeurs always go out of the way in helping the guests in every possible way to make the trip memorable. In doing so they are very polite, respectful and courteous. They always help you with loading and unloading of luggage in to the car and always get the door for you. 

A Chauffeur service always trains its drivers to present with good driving etiquettes. They never make the customers uncomfortable with their actions or conversations. Every customer is different and a professional Chauffeur knows how to provide excellent customer service to one and all. 

#6 Meet and Greet Service

Chauffeur driven transfers always include a chauffeur meet and greet service at the airport. On arrival at the airport, your chauffeur will meet you inside the terminal with your name sign at Chauffeur Meeting Point and assist you with your luggage to the car. 

This makes the pick up stress free and prevents the hassle of waiting in long taxi queues at the airport. Tourists who do not know their way around the airport, elderly passengers, VIPs, regular corporate travellers and first time users are better off booking a chauffeur meet and greet service to have piece of mind and convenience. 

#7 Privacy 

While travelling to and from the airport, corporates like to utilise their time and work in the car on their laptop and often make very important phone calls which must be kept confidential and discreet. A professional chauffeur driven service always guarantees protection of the customer’s privacy. 

All conversations inside the car stay in the car and are no information is ever shared with anyone to maintain a safe and discreet work environment for the guests. These privacy measures are only achieved in a private chauffeur driven service and not in a random cab or ride share. 

#8 Proactive and smart chauffeurs

Often taxi or ride-share drivers come across as non friendly and fail to meet basic customer service standards. All chauffeurs are very proactive and professional individuals who always respect customers needs. They understand at times customers love a conversation and at other times they like to work in a silent environment in the back if the car. 

A professional driver looks after himself and the car. They are always well presented and drive a clean and well maintained luxury car. A chauffeur is up to date with what is happening in the world and engage themselves in meaningful conversations making the airport transfer pleasant. 

#9 Exclusive private transport 

A chauffeur driven service is always your private transfer which is never shared with other customers which allows you to travel in a safe and secure environment. Shuttle transfers have multiple pick ups and drop offs which lead to a longer time in journey and travelling with other people who may be unpleasant and or sick which is not what you want while travelling for a business or holiday trip. 

#10 Competitive and fixed rates 

Chauffeur companies are always aware of market trends and offer competitive rates which are in line with the other transport options available. The rates are always fixed and crystal clear to the customer which makes budgeting easier. Taxi and ride-share rates vary with time of the day or traffic on the road whereas an airport transfer in a chauffeur driven service will always be same. 

These are the 10 key points which make chauffeur driven service better than taxi, rideshare or shuttle service for airport transfers. We advise you to do a market research to find out the best service.

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