Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Precaution Measures at Chauffeur Link Melbourne

As we all come to terms with the growing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, our focus is clear, to support you with your transport needs in any way we can.

Rest assured, Chauffeur Link Melbourne is open for business. We continued transferring guests throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Through every challenge we’ve faced together, for more than 11 years, our support has remained.

The safety and wellbeing of our customers and team is our priority. With this in mind, we’re following the advice of Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brandon Murphy and the World Health Organisation

To provide peace of mind for our clients, we adhere to as many additional safety precautions for our clients and for drivers own health safety. 

  1. Chauffeur Link ensures that all our chauffeurs use and where possible provide hand sanitizer, remove any in-ride newspapers or magazines that are left behind. 
  2. Greet clients with a slight bow instead of a handshake and disinfect our vehicles with Glen 20 or disinfecting spray after each ride.
  3. We strongly recommend our drivers to disinfect their cars daily and sanitise after every booking. 
  4. Remain vigilant on maintaining distance between themselves and their passengers and wipe down luggage before handling. Use Methylated spirits, Pino-clean, with a bit of water act as a good sanitizer.
  5. Wet wipes are used to clean door handles after dropping off a customer for the safety of the next passenger and we advise passengers to carry sanitizers or ask the Chauffeur for one. 

Chauffeur Link Melbourne continues to work 24/7 and assisting our guests in getting from A to B.

Whether you are an Australian national arriving home we will organise a safe and secure transfer so you can get home safely and start your 14 days self isolation.

If you are a looking for regular limousine service that is hygienic and trustworthy, rely on Chauffeur Link Melbourne for your safety and piece of mind.

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