Difference between a Driver and a Chauffeur

On paper, a driver and a Chauffeur both perform the same job of transporting people from A to B but practically they are not exactly the same. The driver just drives you for point to point transfers whereas a chauffeur provides a professional chauffeur driven service in a luxury car. The point of difference is the service. Here we look at some points how a Chauffeur is different to a driver. 

Local Knowledge 

The Chauffeur is not just the guy behinds the wheel but your local guide as well. He is up to date with the world and can talk to you about anything and also knows when to keep quite and just drive and let you get work done. A Chauffeur knows the customer is the king and he goes out of his way to provide the most professional limo service experience. 


Our professional Chauffeur will always turn up on time and in a neat and tidy business attire. He is very proud of the job he does and the car he drives so always keep the Chauffeur driven car in immaculate condition. A Chauffeur Link Melbourne Chauffeur is trained to treat each customer individually and to be well aware of simple details of every customer’s likes and dislikes.

Friendly Service 

As a professional Chauffeur, he is always willing to help to make sure you make the most of your Chauffeur service experience. He treats you like a human and not like a piece of luggage, he helps you with your luggage in and out of the car. He will get the door for you like a gentleman if you like. 

Meet and Greet Service at Melbourne Airport 

When you arrive at the Melbourne Airport, you wait on the taxi queue for ages to get driven by a driver whereas your Chauffeur Link Melbourne chauffeur monitors your flight for arrival times and waits for you inside the terminal with your name sign at Chauffeur Meeting Point. It doesn’t matter if your flight arrives earlier than the estimated arrival time or is delayed by a few hours, the chauffeur will always be there when you land and greet you with a big smile. He then assists you with your luggage to the car rather than you have to worry about it. 

Expert in latest technology 

Chauffeurs at Chauffeur Link Melbourne understands how important it is to get to the destination on time so they use up-to-date technology to get to the destination in minimal time. Our Chauffeur driven service to Melbourne Airport is a prime example of how we always get you to your flight on time. 

VIP Service Experience 

Either you travel yourself or book the limo airport transfer in Melbourne for a guest, our Chauffeurs make sure that guest is treated like a VIP and delivered to the destination in comfort, safety and style. Our limo service to Melbourne Airport make sure you are picked on time from your hotel, office or home and arrive at the airport with plenty of time ahead of your flight. 

Years of Experience 

Our chauffeur cars in Melbourne are driven by professional and experienced Chauffeurs who receive full industry training before being eligible to drive one of our Chauffeur car hire in Melbourne. Chauffeur Link Melbourne’s Chauffeurs are accredited by the local authorities (Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria) and regularly checked to make sure the Chauffeur driven car is well maintained. 


Our Chauffeurs believe in “what is said in the car stays in the car”. A customer who books a private Chauffeur driven service in Melbourne expects discretion at all times. Our Chauffeurs are trustworthy and fully discreet which means you can make important phone calls and do one on one business meetings in the back of the car while you are driven to your destination. 

Next time when you need to get somewhere, you need to ask yourself whether you want to gamble on a random driver or ride in style with one of the prestigious Chauffeurs at Chauffeur Link Melbourne