Qualities of a Professional Chauffeur

Having a professional Chauffeur vs a taxi or rideshare makes a huge difference in the comfort and luxury levels of your travel experience. Lot of people are unaware of what a Chauffeur is and what is the difference between a professional Chauffeur and a driver. The biggest myth is that Chauffeurs are wedding car drivers only whereas a Chauffeur provides a professional driving experience for airport transfers, day tours, corporate transfers and all other travel needs in a car.

What is a Chauffeur?

A individual hired to drive a luxury car or Van who is always well groomed, wears a professional business attire and maintains a clean and comfortable vehicle is often classified as a Chauffeur. Traditionally known to providing their services to the rich and famous, in modern times many Chauffeur services are more affordable and focus on corporate business transfers and holiday makers as well making their services available to the masses.

While a driver’s job is to drive the passengers from point to point, choosing a professional Chauffeur for transportation adds another level of comfort and luxury experience to the journey. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that the Chauffeur must possess to make the overall experience amazing and extra special.

  • On Time Service

The very first thing we think about while choosing a Chauffeur driven service is the on time arrival of the car to kick start our journey. A professional chauffeur will always arrive 10 minutes before the booked time which helps ease any nerves for the travelling guests. This instantaneously makes you realise you have chosen a good service who value your time.


  • Apperance

A well groomed Chauffeur in a clean and comfortable car is the next thing we look once we get in the car. A responsible Chauffeur takes great pride in his appearance and the condition of the car. Having a stylish person driving in a well maintained and clean car adds to the 5 star experience.


  • Excellent Customer Service

Chauffeurs have the ability to act according to the situation and act as a friend, driver, guide, while maintaining highest standards of customer service. Your Chauffeur will open the door for you and help with your luggage in and out of the car. He will play the music according to your mood or no music at all when you are on a business call. He will have water and other refreshments in the car for your convenience. He will take the most direct routes to minimise travel times for airport transfers and take scenic routes while driving around for day tours.


  •  No Compromise on Safety

Chauffeurs at Chauffeur Link Melbourne do not compromise with your safety as it is our utmost priority. All our Chauffeurs are professionally trained in defence driving courses and well aware of how to drive in all weather conditions, road conditions and the different approach to adapt while driving in day or the night time. While driving with young babies and children, your Chauffeur will be extra careful not only in his driving style but also creating a comfortable atmosphere for the children to be calm.


  •  Courteous & Respectful

A transfer booked with a professional service like Chauffeur Link promises to be looked after by very courteous and respected Chauffeurs who always put customers first and go above and beyond to make sure you have an exceptional experience. He will be polite, soft spoken, generous, humble, mature enough to sit quietly when you are on an important phone call and funny enough to crack a joke when you are having a conversation. He will be good around young children to help you have an easier and relaxed time while travelling with young children.


  • Discreet

All professional chauffeurs at Chauffeur Link Melbourne are discreet and trained to mind their own business. A Chauffeur understands the privacy level that a corporate guest requires and is responsible for keeping the information discreet of any business calls or meetings that you carry out in the car. He will always be respectful about the privacy of celebrities and VIP guests and at no point of time will disclose any information to any person.


  • Smart & Stylish

A Chauffeur will always be well groomed and wearing a nice dark suit and driving a luxury car which enhances the whole experience of the corporate transfers or weddings. His local knowledge and experience helps him make smarter route choices delivering you to your destination on time and impressing your business partners and customers arriving in style rather than rocking up in an ordinary taxi or rideshare.


  • On time every time

A professional Chauffeur follows his time lines sincerely and being late for a pick up does not exist in his diary. At Chauffeur Link Melbourne our chauffeurs are ultra reliable and punctual, getting to the pick on time every time is what all our chauffeurs follow and we always arrive at the pick up location 5-10 minutes earlier to ease any nerves. A chauffeur possesses great ability to manage time and does not take bookings too close to each other meaning he can get to each booking on time with ease.


  • Cost effective

Regular use of a professional Chauffeur service proves to be more cost effective and affordable for individuals and businesses rather than cabs or rideshare. A good Chauffeur service will provide you fixed price transfers inclusive of GST, tolls and airport pick up fee. The fares at Chauffeur Link Melbourne do not change with time of the day or traffic on the roads. This makes budgeting easier making use of Chauffeur Link Melbourne more viable.


  • Top end luxury Cars

A chauffeur can have all the above qualities but needs a ultra modern high end car to put cherry on the cake. Chauffeur Link Melbourne provides premium quality chauffeur driven service in modern well maintained cars delivering great value for money.

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