What is a VHA Car?

VHA car also known as hire car or VHA Limousine is an alternative to taxi or rideshare for point to point travel for Melbourne locals and tourists. VHA Cars are commercial vehicles just like taxis and rideshare registered by the Commercial Passengers Vehicles Victoria (CPVV). These cars are high end ultramodern vehicles driven by very skilled and experienced drivers.

VHA Car –  Drivers and Requirements

Victorian Hire Cars can only be driven by accredited drivers who need to get driver accreditation from Commercial Passengers Vehicles Victoria and renew every three years.
Applicants must pass necessary medical and police checks to be eligible to be part of the industry and drive these cars.

What does VHA/B/C means?

Historically VHA cars in Melbourne had the registration number plates beginning with VHA or VHB (for metropolitan operators) and VHC (for country side operators) followed by three numericals.
As per the recent change in regulations any random registration plate can be a registered Victorian Hire Car.
List of accredited vehicles can be found in the public register of CPVV

VHA/C Vehicles and VHA/C Lane

VHA/C vehicles have designed lane on Tullamarine freeway.
The extreme right lane heading towards the Melbourne Airport between Flemington Road entrance ramp and Pascoevale Road exit between 03:30pm and 06:30pm Monday to Friday can only be used by taxis, buses and VHA/VHC cars.
Buses, taxis and VHA/VHC vehicles can use the extreme right lane of Tullamarine freeway inbound between Bell St entrance ramp and Flemington Road exit ramp from 06:30am to 09:30am.
On eastern freeway buses, taxis and VHA/VHC vehicles can use the Emergency stopping lane on the left side between Springvale Road and Hoddle St at certain times of the day.
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